Frequently Asked Questions for
Solar Hot Water

Will my water be heated on a cloudy day?

Yes. Although the heat output of the solar collector is reduced on overcast days it will still be able to provide heating. If it is a heavily clouded day or raining, then gas or electric backup may be required to maintain water at the required temperature. This system is automatically controlled to provide constant hot water for your family.

What kind of solar systems are Ausave Energy Hot Water systems?

roof2d.jpgAn Ausave Energy hot water system is called a ‘split system.’ A sleek, low profile solar collector situated on your roof captures the sun’s energy and heats up water that flows through it. The water is then sent to a well-insulated water tank at ground level by a circulation pump. Your system can then be boosted, when required, by gas or electricity, or even the waste heat from your combustion heater. For a large part of the year you will find that you will not need any boosting due to the superior performance of your Ausave Energy hot water system.

Will a solar hot water system work in winter and on cloudy days?

The vacuum between the tubes in our system virtually eliminates heat loss to the outdoors, thus making these collectors particularly useful in areas with cold and cloudy winters; even in areas with the coldest temperature reached is -40ºC.

Can the solar systems work well when collectors are subjected to shade?

Solar radiation is the fuel of all solar products; therefore long term, unobstructed access to the sun is required for all solar products to operate properly. Winter global irradiation can be less than half of the average solar radiation and a quarter of summer solar radiation. The cold water fills into the storage tank is much colder than summer. It is critical to expose the collector to full sun in winter. It is not recommended to have any collector in the shade for more than one hour a day during winter.

How does gas boosting work? Does it turn on when I’m not using hot water?

No. Ausave Energy Gas instantaneous systems use a gas back up with a 5½ star energy rated instantaneous heater which only works when you need it. This natural or LP Gas heater turns on only when it detects that the water temperature stored has fallen below 60ºC, which may occur when you have used all your solar heated water in your storage tank or during extended periods of low solar radiation.

What happens if the collector is damaged in a storm or broken by accident?

The Ausave Energy collector tubes are made from extremely clear and strong borosilicate glass which allows solar radiation get through and is also highly resistant to damage under various weather conditions.

What is Borosilicate Glass?

tankBorosilicate glass is a type of heat-resistant glass. German glassmaker Otto Schott first developed borosilicate glass in the late 19th century. Borosilicate glass has a very low thermal expansion coefficient, about one-third that of ordinary glass. This reduces material stresses caused by temperature gradients, thus making it more resistant to breaking. This makes it a popular material for objects like telescope mirrors. Borosilicate glass begins to soften around 821 °C (1510 °F). The feature of glass’s refractory properties and physical strength of borosilicate glass make it ideal for use in laboratories, where it is used to make high-durability glass lab equipment, such as beakers and test tubes. Borosilicate is also a material of choice for solar thermal technology, due to its high strength and heat resistance.

Can the Ausave Energy collector be mounted on a flat roof?

Yes. Ausave Energy Collectors can be mounted on a flat surface at 5+ degrees or by using a frame.

What maintenance of the Ausave Energy collector is required?

Under normal circumstances no maintenance of the collectors is required other than simple checks specified in the Installation Manual. Regular rainfall and wind helps keep the collector clean. As other traditional solar hot water systems, the storage tanks need to check the anode every three to five years, depending on water quality in your area.

Does the high efficiency last long?

The data of stagnation tests by laboratories show Ausave Energy collectors can keep the best efficiency performance. That means our collectors can work for many years as good as new.

Does the Ausave Energy Hot Water System generate high temperature water?

Yes, our systems can generate higher water temperatures beyond what is comfortable to shower under in peak sun radiation season. In fact, an adjustable Temperature Valve is now required to be fitted to all hot water systems installed, to comply with Government health and safety regulation.

Where the collectors should be installed for the best collection of solar energy?

Ausave Energy collectors can be mounted on flat or sloped roofs. Collectors can be mounted on as little as 5 degrees pitch to function efficiently. The collector should face the north for the best collection and be free from shade for most of the day for the optimal efficiency.

Our current hot water system isn’t new; can a solar hot water system be incorporated?

Yes. You can use an Ausave Energy Hot Water System to pre-heat the water to your existing system. It is wise however, to replace your entire unit outright if it is over 7 years of age. With electricity bills continuing to rise as they are it is encouraged to switch to solar H/W system sooner rather than later.

Can we get Government rebates for purchasing a Ausave Energy Hot Water System?

Yes. All the models of Ausave Energy Hot Water Heaters are the accredited by ORER (Office of Renewable Energy Regulator). Ausave Energy can assist you with your eligibility when you contact us for a quote.