Ausave Solar Electricity Panels

Solar Electricity Panels

Why Solar Electricity?

Australians pay among the highest prices for electricity in the world. With the Australian sun hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement, why not harness the power of our greatest natural source of energy for your home?

Meet The Ausave Energy Panel!

With quality German design and engineering backed by our industry-leading warranties, the German Hanover Panel is a sleek, modern way to add value to your home and offset the rising costs of living. It includes the latest technology in solar advancement with the use of Micro Inverters allowing you to achieve the most out of your new solar system.

You can expand your network two panels at a time in line with your budget, and start saving on your power bills as soon as possible!

Ausave Energy solar panels are designed to last a generation and produce 240V AC power that’s safer for your family and feeds straight into the electricity grid.

Ausave Solar Electricity Panels - our solar system
  • High-performance mono crystalline panels
  • Black, salt and ammonia resistant aluminium frames with black back-sheet for inky, glossy finish
  • 15.30% Module efficiency
  • 95% Inverter efficiency
  • 12-year Panel Material & Workmanship warranty (industry standard is only 10 years)
  • 25-year Inverter Material & Workmanship warranty (industry standard is just five to 10 years!)
  • 25-year Linear power output warranty
  • Six bypass diodes means more of your panel continues to work in partial shade
  • Industry leading conversion efficiency
  • Positive tolerance offer means excellent performance under weak light conditions
  • Good TC performance enables better output in the tropical zone
  • Operating Condition & Packaging
  • Maximum surface load capacity
  • Tested up to 7.200 Pa
  • Hail – Maximum diameter of 25mm with impact speed of 23 m/s
  • Panel temperature range -40°C to +85°C
  • Inverter temperature range -40°C to +65°C (storage up to 85°C)

The Ausave difference

Research and development. Ausave Energy has invested thousands of dollars and man-hours into independently appraising solar electricity product providers and installers so you can make an informed choice when it comes to the designer, supplier and installer of your solar system.

Tailor-made solutions. Ausave Energy’s solar panel consultants take the time to customise solar electricity solutions to your budget and your home.