Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water

  • Tanks with an industry leading 10 year warranty
  • 15 Year Warranty on the Solar Collector
  • Sleek and efficient evacuated tube technology

An Ausave Solar Hot Water System is the Smart Choice?

Our state-of-the-art solar hot water system uses our patented solar collection technology to turn energy from the sun into cost-free hot water for your home. We’ll match one of our superior solar hot water systems to suit your family’s needs and budget and make those long hot showers we all love guilt-free!

Higher efficiency: Through passive sun tracking, Apricus Australia’s Evacuated Tubes are up to 76% more efficient than flat plates on a clear day and up to 429% more efficient on an overcast day.

Lightweight: The cyclone-rated rooftop components are a fraction of the weight of a traditional flat plate installation, ensuring the structural integrity of your roof.

Frost protection: Using in-built frost protection, the Apricus Australia unit smartly manages frost-conditions without the need for synthetic glycol.

Why an Ausave Energy Solar Hot Water System?

Unlike other Solar Hot Water systems which simply pump water to your roof and hope that it heads up in the hot day – the Ausave Energy Solar Hot Water system uses an evacuated tube system designed, tested and certified to handle Australia’s toughest conditions and still provide a steady stream of hot water on even the cloudiest of days. And since nearly a quarter of your electricity bill can be burnt-out due to the heating of water – you can see why receiving your power bill is rather shocking.

Installing a solar water heater in your home is a cost-effective way of enjoying the luxury of hot water while reducing your greenhouse gas emissions and adding value to your home.

With an industry leading 20 year warranty, use the unlimited power of the sun to slash your water heating costs.

The Ausave Difference

Research and development. Ausave Energy has invested thousands of dollars and man-hours into independently appraising solar hot water product providers and installers so you can make an informed choice when it comes to the designer, supplier and installer of your solar system.

Tailor-made solutions. Ausave Energy’s solar hot water consultants take the time to customise solar electricity solutions to your budget and your home.


Ausave Energy can arrange for using a finance company a range of flexible financed options to suit all budgets, financed over one to five years. What’s more, the savings you make from your solar hot water system could mean it pays for itself several times over!

Our flexible finance options offer:

  • Fast approval with no hidden fees or nasty surprises
  • Pensioners welcome!

Government rebates

Offset your costs with a government rebate through The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme! Call our solar hot water experts on 1300 113 313 to find out how you can be eligible.

Hot water tank and solar system on top of a home